Created on September 29, 2017

Indonesia could become one of the largest economic countries in the world. One of the key necessary pillars is to develop its infrastructure. To improve its global rank on infrastructure, significant number of initiatives and efforts needs to be implemented to accelerate Indonesian infrastructure development. Government has issued the Presidential Regulation No 3/2016 j.o. Presidential Regulation No 58/2017 and Presidential Instruction No 1/2016 for National Strategic Projects. The President Regulation identifies 245 projects and 2 programs, which have strategic values. From 245 Projects, 37 is selected as Priority Projects by Coordination Minister of Economic under coordination of KPPIP.

The Engineering Body of The Association of Indonesian Engineer -BKKPII is one of the vocational entities of the Indonesian Engineers Association, established on 23 May 1980. The purpose of the establishment of the Chemical Engineering Body of the Association of Indonesian Engineer-BKKPII (The Chemical Engineering Chapter of The Institution of Engineers, Indonesia) is to foster the professionalism of chemical engineers for the welfare of the nation and state. One of the activities to achieve the goal is to hold “The Convention of Chemical Engineering Body, The Association of Indonesian Engineer (BKKPII)”.

The National Convention of The Engineering Body of The Association of Indonesian Engineer -BKKPII is an activity in order to select the board of The Engineering Body of The Association of Indonesian Engineer -BKKPII (BKK-PII) new term of service 2017-2020 through session of BKK-PII Convention which will be attended by Chemical Engineer participants and other invitees. In a series of conventions, other programs are the National Seminar, Lifetime Achievement Award and Book Launching.

General Purpose of Activities: To become a forum that bridges the Industry, Government, Universities and Associations in establishing the Chemical Industry that will be able to become champion in the national economy by investment realization towards an advanced and independent Indonesia, in order to achieve economic independence by moving the strategic sectors of the domestic economy as well as the appreciation event to award figures who have contributed in developing the chemical industry in Indonesia in Life Time achievement award and Book Launching.


Specific Objective Activity:

  1. Seminar : To provide insights, discussion results and recommendations for the independence of the nation related to the existence of the chemical industry from the investment side, preparation of global human resources, the role of Chemical engineers in development for the independence of the Indonesian nation from various aspects of perspective. This seminar is also a forum for socialization in increasing the role of BKKPII for the preparation of Engineer Human Resources in order to be able to work in National and International environment as well as to provide benefits for members and society.
  2. Convention : The current organizational structure of 2014 – 2017 period will end this year. The Convention will be held to select a new organizational structure for the period 2017-2020



Investment Led Growth in line with The Rising of Chemical Industries and Boosting Human Resources Competitiveness in Indonesia.



  1. Key Note Speaker

Dr. Sri Mulyani Indarwati (Finance Minister) , “Investment-Led Growth, Government Support and Expectation to The Rising of Chemical Industries to Break The Middle Income Trap”

  1. Panel Discussion
  2. Rodrigo A. Chaves, Country Director, Indonesian and Timor, World Bank, “What Indonesia needs to prepare in the development of chemical industry in order to reach the 5th largest economy in the world”
  3. Tri Haryo Soesilo, Energy Sector Project Director KPPIP, “Lesson Learn Break Through of Civil Infrastructure Projects to The Chemical Industries”
  4. Ir. Achmad Sigit Dwiwahjono MPP , Director General of Chemical, Textile and Multi various Industries, Ministry of Industry, “Alignment Government Project Infrastructure Priorities with Natural Resources, Human Resources and Market”
  5. Dr.Ir. Leonard VH Tampubolon, MA, Head Deputy of Economic Sector, BAPPENAS, “Alignment of Short, Mid and Long Term Planning and Synergizing Critical Stakeholder to The Success of Government Infrastructure Projects”
  6. Erwin Ciputra, President Director, PT. Chandra Asri Petrochemical “Petrochemical Business Development, business planning and what expected from Government Role”




Day/Date                     : Friday , 29 September 2017

Time                               : 08.00 sd 17.30

Venue                             : Gedung Utama Kantor Pusat Pertamina



  1. Government
  2. Industry
  3. College/Academy
  4. Associated chemical industry associations
  5. Students

Prepared By:

Dr. Ir. Tri Yuni Hendrawati, IPM and Ir. Heri Setiono, IPM